One of the most important components in the functioning of your computer is the Central Processing Unit, or CPU for short. The CPU is the brain of your computer and can help determine exactly what tasks you can do and how quickly you can do them. Intel processors are known for their stronger single-core performance which makes them an ideal fit for gaming builds.

You’re a gamer? If so, you'll want a processor with a minimum of 4 cores, such as the 8-core Intel i7-9700K. In most cases, the more cores you have, the better performance you'll get. A quad core or more processor effectively handles large amounts of data so you can enjoy a lag-free gaming experience.

Looking for something a little more extreme? We also have the 18-core Intel i9-9980XE Skylake X Desktop CPU which will allow for immersive 4K visuals, high speed storage and the latest technological advancements.

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